June 29, 2017

Once upon a not too distant time, a well-known UK-based Life Sciences manufacturer was looking to engage a different vendor partner—one that had the technologic offerings and know-how to assist with collection of healthcare professional (HCP) transfer of value interactions, spend compliance processes, and overall HCP engagement management. After meeting various candidate companies, the manufacturer ultimately selected AHM as the preferred vendor partner. What were the key differentiators that solidified this partnership? Technology, for starters. The manufacturer was intrigued by CentrisDirect, which is a state-of-the-art compliance platform suite to collect and consolidate all HCP transfer of value interactions across the enterprise. The other key differentiators included HCP management expertise, dedicated customer service, and proclivity toward ongoing collaboration.
What’s the vitality of this partnership today? According to the Life Sciences manufacturer, field sales representatives “love the vendor’s app” and the technology allows for consolidation of redundant systems and vendors. In addition, the collaboration is highly valued because of the consultation services offered by the vendor. Among the implementation highlights are process-driven and solution-oriented teamwork. The vendor partner is “quick to add planners, when necessary, and provide a flexible solution that allows for configuration of new program types” and “is huge in generating an employee training package.”
Notably, as a result of this partnership, the Vice President of Sales no longer receives escalations for non-compliance issues. So, what are the ingredients to a successful union? Akin to any partnership, expertise, proactivity, trust, organization, collaboration, communication, and education figure prominently. According to the manufacturer, successes were realized, in part, because of the following:

  • Central Operations requested that key stakeholders step back from solution-seeking and rely on the vendor partner to bring its technology and process expertise to develop solutions for them
  • Compliance was integral in the implementation of the core team, and therefore, trusting of decisions made and the end results from the vendor partner
  • A core team was established that represented all key stakeholders and accountability for each discipline, that is, Central Operations, Information Technology, and Compliance
  • Ongoing communication plans with the field force were established and maintained
    • Publish overarching plan and timelines with checkpoint communications along the way
    • Involve the field force in User Acceptance Testing to ensure technology accounts for both sophisticated and less savvy users
    • Establish champion districts or leaders to check in with on a routine basis and establish district rounds for feedback from others
    • Expedite contracting by convening all parties to the table at once; in this case the process was extended until this was completed
  • Provide a comprehensive training package
    • Training Managers are key to further support/assist the field
    • Establish a follow-up training plan to check back in with the field several weeks after launch for feedback and to make refinements
    • Reiterate/highlight key compliance points or changes
    • Provide best practices to guide implementation and best use of the Business Rules compliance engine, CentrisDirect

AHM is a leading global provider of software and service solutions designed to manage compliant interactions with HCPs for the Life Sciences industry. For more information about AHM’s Solution Portfolio, please visit: https://www.ahmdirect.com or email info@ahmdirect.com.

Contributed by:

Lisa Keilty, Global VP of Compliance and Strategic Solutions, AHM

Lisa joined AHM after serving as founder of the Compliance Consulting firm PMC2 and spending over 26 years in the life sciences and meeting management industry. Leading such organizations as Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Biogen Idec through numerous international projects, financial transparency and reporting requirements, Lisa’s industry expertise has saved Life Sciences and Meeting Management organizations over 30 million dollars. As a member of the Business Development team, Lisa’s primary focus will be Thought Leadership, Demand Generation and Solution Design.