August 12, 2015

A sampling of statistics prove the point; we are in a high speed (and high intensity) age. Consider that there are five babies born every second1; that there are an estimated 20 million billion bits of information moving around our brains every second of every day2; or that when a drug is held back from the market for any reason, it means a loss of sales. In the case of a true blockbuster drug, that could amount to $4-5 million dollars per day in lost revenue3.
No wonder we are all working and living at the speed of light trying to be leaner, faster – chasing money, power, success and a wilder, ride out of life! Don’t pause, don’t reflect. You win or lose. You’ll fall behind and fail if you stop moving. Fast at any cost is the mantra of a stressed American society today. Does anyone have time to reflect on who they are, what they are doing or more importantly why they are doing it in the first place?
What if this speed in which we live and work has consequences? Physical, mental and spiritual consequences…and yes even financial ones. Discovering one of the latest blogs from eyeforpharma,; “Exploring the Power of Purpose” spoke to me in many ways and addresses the need to define the WHY in which we do things as well as what makes an organization and its constituents excel.
We all are used to rolling out of bed after hitting the snooze button once or twice reciting…”time to make the donuts” with our to-do list of the day hanging over our head. Who actually thinks of the why of what they are doing? The company you work with, what is their why? Great leaders often inspire us by leading with the purpose for which they operate, their why. Author Simon Sinek’s Start with Why reviews what sets organizations apart from each other – what makes them great or, phrased a little differently, WHY are they great? And, WHY do they have loyalty from their customers?
A thought provoking question: What is your why? What is your organization’s passion for doing what it does? Does its why align with your why?
Looking at the Life Sciences industry and the area in which I have spent over 18 years, I realize what gets me out of bed in the morning…my why. I recognized early on that there is a ripple effect among the stakeholders I serve. Life Sciences develop breakthrough therapies and medicines to save the lives of patients every day. Their slogans speak to their purpose: “Live to save Lives” or Pfizer’s often quoted slogan, “Working Together for a Healthier World®” Physicians spend almost a decade of post graduate study in order to understand and treat patients resulting in a healthier, more beneficial way to live. Patients seek medical care in order to live their longest, most impactful life for themselves and their loved ones.
So how does my work as a compliance and strategic solutions director expand out to these stakeholders? I believe that because we at AHM pursue solutions to remove barriers that can limit healthcare professional interactions and impede innovation, development of new modalities to treat diseases can thrive! Technology and services drive communication and collaboration amongst industry and private practice impacting patients globally – that is what we do. Why we do it: AHM remains committed to significantly investing in solutions that will “provide continuous efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, advance strategic decision making and ensure comprehensive compliance reporting to mitigate risk.” There is no one in the industry more committed to investing now and in the future to support its clients.
The good news…although we all are operating in a stressed, fast-pace environment with plenty to do and multi-tasking most of the time, our average life expectancy is on the rise at a current average of 78.8 years – so technically you may have a little bit more time to search for that why and deliver the what and the how because of your why than your ancestors before you.
So whether your WHY is personal: “You want your future bigger than your past;” or professionally driven “challenging the status quo,” the why needs to make you cry! After all, it is the WHY that leads us to the answers of who we really are.

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3.DiMasi, J. A., Hansen, R. W. & Grabowski, H. G. The price of innovation: new estimates of drug development costs. J. Health Econ. 22, 151–185 (2003)


Contributed by:

Lisa Keilty, Global VP of Compliance and Strategic Solutions, AHM

Lisa joined AHM after serving as founder of the Compliance Consulting firm PMC2 and spending over 26 years in the life sciences and meeting management industry. Leading such organizations as Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Biogen Idec through numerous international projects, financial transparency and reporting requirements, Lisa’s industry expertise has saved Life Sciences and Meeting Management organizations over 30 million dollars. As a member of the Business Development team, Lisa’s primary focus will be Thought Leadership, Demand Generation and Solution Design.